Algorithmics Group

Welcome to the Algorithmics group, a section of the Department of Software and Computer Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics at the Delft University of Technology.

A recent trend in algorithmic research on distributed systems is a focus on problems where partial uncontrollability plays a major role. For example, in unmanned space missions, a spacecraft like the Mars Rover often has to make decisions independently from ground control, and in transportation systems we have to optimize the use of the infrastructure without being able to fully control the decisions of self-interested drivers.

The Algorithmics group aims at the development of advanced distributed algorithms for such autonomous systems operating in dynamic environments. The work by this group is inspired by topics in algorithmic game theory, computational methods like planning and satisfiability solving, and distributed incident management. On the application side we are especially interested in applications in ICT, smart grids, transportation, and health care.

The algorithmics group works in close cooperation with the TRAIL and SIKS research schools.

This site contains information on the Algorithmics group members, their publications and projects, as well as all upcoming activities.

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