To keep abreast of developments within and without our group, we regularly organize talks in one of the following categories:

  • The Algorithm colloquium consists of talks of about an hour by experienced researchers. Everyone interested is invited to attend these.
  • The lunch talks are talks during lunch time. These talks are mainly aimed at members of the Algorithmics group, including Masters students, but also people from other groups are welcome. This is a forum for interesting work in progress where you are allowed to eat your lunch.
  • The monthly master's meetings (MMMs) are meetings with all the master's students of this group to stimulate exchange of ideas and experiences.

If you are a Master's student of our group, make sure you are subscribed to the algmasters mailing list (please contact the group secretary) to be updated on all these activities. Anyone else interested in the agent colloquium please subscribe to the agent-colloquium mailinglist.