Lunch talks

The lunch talks are organized in Delft to enhance cooperation within the Algorithmics group. It is usually held during lunch time on Thursdays. A lunch talk is not a lunch, but a talk! Announcements will be sent through the mailing list. This includes all staff members and students in our group. Usually we schedule one hour for a talk, including questions. Check the list below to see abstracts about upcoming and past lunch talks.

Lunch talks abstracts

Incentives and optimization in the future energy system

By: Mathijs de Weerdt August 18, 12.00 in the Snijderszaal When charging your electrical vehicle en-route, you don’t want someone else to arrive just before you at the last available plug (because that may take another 30 minutes). Or at moments when the capacity of the grid is used up completely, we want to prevent a black-out....more

Heuristic Search of Multiagent Influence Space

By: Frans Oliehoek Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011 Time: 15.00 Room: HB 09.130 Heuristic Search of Multiagent Influence Space Multiagent planning under uncertainty has seen important progress in recent years. Two techniques, in particular, have substantially advanced efficiency and scalability of planning. Multiagent heuristic search gains...more

Efficient CNF Simplification based on Binary Implication Graphs

By: Marijn Heule Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Time: 12:00 Room: HB 09.130 This paper develops techniques for efficiently detecting redundancies in CNF formulas. We introduce the concept of hidden literals, resulting in the novel technique of hidden literal elimination. We develop a practical simplification algorithm that enables...more

Internal symmetry

By: Marijn Heule Date: Friday, September 3 2010 Time: 11:30 Room: HB 09.130 We define the concept of an internal symmetry. This is a symmety within a solution of a constraint satisfaction problem. We compare this to solution symmetry, which is a mapping between different solutions of the same problem. We argue that we may be able to exploit both...more

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