Research Tips on Reading and Writing

Finding and reading literature
  • Read this Simple guide to the research process: a tutorial.
  • Start with books and survey/overview papers: they are generally easier to digest. Then try some more specific journal papers. Use conference papers mainly for finding out about recent results.
  • Use our library's virtual knowledge center for computer science.
  • Search in Google "ScholarPiCartaTU Delft Library Mult-database searchCiteseer (ResearchIndex)ScopusACMIEEE, and your own University library's catalogue.
  • Keep track of conferences and journals on your topic and check (once in a while) whether some interesting articles have been published in those.
  • As soon as you find an interesting article, also check the author's homepage(s) for more recent results, and of course follow the references made in this paper.
  • Find people in your own university, or otherwise nearby who have more expertise in this field than you have and ask (email?) them to recommend some literature or conferences.
  • Search on-line using a computer on the campus of your university; many journals are available only to subscribers, and this is often checked using the IP address your browser sends along.
  • Add a paper to your BibTex database as soon as you find it (before you even print it).
  • Make some notes immediately after you read it.
  • Searching for literature -- help by the library
  • How to read a scientific paper by Mihai Pop
Writing instructions