Cees Witteveen is a full professor in Algorithmics at Delft University of Technology. The research fields he has been active in include inductive inference, non-monotonic reasoning, logic programming and theory revision.

Currently, his research interests concentrate on the design and evaluation of coordination algorithms in distributed systems with self-interested actors especially in planning and scheduling problems.

He published more than 150 refereed papers and journal articles in these fields.
He is project leader of more than 10 research projects on plan coordination in multi-agent systems, diagnosis, reconfiguration and routeplanning.

He is member of the board of the national Dutch AI association, member of the program board of the research school TRAIL, member of the research school SIKS, member of the program board for Computer Science of the Lorentz Center. He was also member of the European Network of Excellence on Planning (PLANET).

He was member of the 2001 national quality assessment committee on AI curricula and member of an international review committee of a Dutch research school. He has been program chair of several DGNMR and PLANSIG workshops and is PC member of several conferences and workshops in the AI-community (AAMAS, ECAI, EUMAS, PROMAS, CLIMA, PLANSIG, ECSQUARU, MATES, BNAIC).



1974 - 1977       Teaching assistant Statistics and Methodology,
                         Department of Psychology, Utrecht University.

1977 - 1985       Assistant professor, Psychometrics, Statistics and
                         Modeling Group, Utrecht University.

1985 - 1998       Assistant professor, Theoretical Computer Science,
                         Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
                         Delft University of Technology.

1996 - 1997       Visiting researcher, Intelligent Systems Group,
                         Department of Computer Science, Utrecht University.

1998 - 2006       Associate professor Theoretical Computer Science,
                         Department of Electrical Engineering,
                         Mathematics and Computer Science, Delft University of Technology.

2004 -2006        Visiting researcher,Evolutionary Systems and
                         Applied Algorithmics Group,
                         National Research Center for Mathematics and
                         Computer Science (CWI), Amsterdam.

2006 -                Full professor Algorithmics, Facultyt EEMCS,
                         Delft University of Technology.

Cees Witteveen